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One of the major considerations in travel is the question, “What should I wear?” No matter where you are going this summer and whether you’re a tourist or not, it’s always a fun challenge to be comfortable when traveling and yet look fashionable too.

I know so many people going on vacation in the upcoming weeks (I, for one, am going to sunny Singapore!) that I thought it would be great to give summer travel outfit ideas for the actual travel part of your trip. I recently went to Mango to create 3 different looks for touring a city. I wanted to give you some inspiration to create a chic travel style of your own. No need to sacrifice fashion in the name of comfort and convenience! :)

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I constantly wear black. I just can’t resist a color that can be edgy and feminine at the same time. Call me weird, but I don’t ever feel warmer in it than in other clothes. It makes up a lot of my wardrobe, actually! But since it’s summer, naturally, I wouldn’t wear the color in heavyweight fabrics.

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In an effort to marry the two worlds of style and comfort, I opted for a sleeveless lace top. I have several lace items in my closet, yet I don’t have a sleeveless lace top so imagine my delight when I saw this top in Mango! With temperatures climbing and humidity on the rise as well, this kind of top is ideal for an easy breezy, fashionable vacation. What I like about lace is that it’s a decorative fabric patterned with open holes, making it easier for air to circulate. If you’re not fond of wearing black during summer, there’s an off-white version of this top in Mango too!

If your top is see-through like the one I’m wearing here, a cotton tank top underneath it should change that completely. For those who get cold easily especially at night or in malls, remember to bring a scarf and/or a cardigan. A coverup will also come in handy when you visit sacred places such as temples, palaces, and churches.

mango (3)

You should include a comfortable pair of pants as well. Jeans can be too hot for summer travel (and are slow to dry), so choose a chic alternative like a pair of soft trousers! This pair of trousers from Mango breathe incredibly well and drape elegantly — perfect for those hot and muggy situations where wearing shorts just won’t cut it. I can move around easily and I don’t have to worry about the waistband going too low because of the built-in garter. Almost anything can be matched with black, but one of my favorite combinations is black and blue. Classic, but spunky, too!

When traveling, keep your outfits simple but add little twists here and there. If you feel like being even more daring, try rolling up your pants! I love the relaxed feel of the look and there is something quite adorable about showing your ankles. The best part: they go with any type of shoes — from flats, sandals, loafers, wedges to even heels!

mango (4)

Don’t forget to bring a stylish medium-sized tote like this (I prefer canvas over leather, which tends to weigh a ton when filled to the brim) to carry your make up, wet wipes, hand sanitizers, travel documents and other essentials.

mango (5)

Wearing something casual when strolling around doesn’t mean you have to look like you are going to the gym. This second outfit is something I would wear for a whole day city tour.

One of my favorite SS13 trends is denim on denim. I usually pair a light wash with a dark wash; but this time, I paired two denim pieces of nearly the same shade for a fresher and more youthful look.

mango (6)

Bored of too-masculine, boring button down shirts? Well then, look no further because Mango has lightweight button down tops that are classic and trendy at the same time! The gorgeous rhinestone and gold seed bead embellishments at each shoulder give a perfect sparkle and splash of 80s style, my favorite fashion era!

mango (7)

Shorts are also another travel essential if you’re traveling to warmer climates. When packing for a vacation, think about including denim shorts like this pair from Mango. They are versatile and can be dressed up or down. They can seamlessly take you from day to night with two very distinct looks by simply changing the top, footwear, and playing with accessories.

As far as shorts are concerned, I want a moderate amount of slashing. I think that distressed shorts (especially with a frayed hem), are ideal for a carefree summer look!

mango (8)

If you dislike carrying a big bag, opt for a small bag to hold your I.D., passport, cash, and perhaps your face powder and lip balm. What I love about this leather bag from Mango is that I can hang it on one shoulder or cross it over my body. The hands-free factor is so liberating! Not to mention,the tassels really add charm to this bag!

mango (9)

For a woman who plans to take in the nightlife scene, pack a skirt-and-blouse combo or a dress to save space in your suitcase. I chose the latter, of course!

This look would definitely make for an appropriate day-to-night summer outfit. Wear it with sandals during the day and wear it with a pretty pair of heels at night.

mango (10)

I ditched the little black dress and wore a bright dress for a change! I love how the horizontal stripes of varying widths and pleats lend movement to this dress from Mango. I also love the fact that it rolls up neatly and doesn’t wrinkle so I see myself packing it for many upcoming trips!

Notice that I used the same necklace and bangle in my first outfit. Just a tip: try to bring clothes and accessories (as few as possible — keep your baggage weight allowance in mind!) that are in the same color scheme so you can mix and match without needing duplicates because of color.

mango (11)

I love this studded clutch so much that I wish it came in other metallic colors too as I’d buy every single one!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer vacation to the fullest! :)

All clothes and accessories from MANGO.

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