Slightly Boyish







Embellish hat, Pinkaholic top, Basic House jeans, Gurly Glam Shoppe collar tips, CMG shoes

Today’s outfit was a little bit inspired by SNSD’s latest music video, I Got A Boy. It’s a far cry from anything SNSD has ever done before, especially their styling. I noticed that instead of customized outfits, they tend to wear uniforms that fit with popular themes such as sailors, cheerleaders, ‘70’s spies, etc. If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably know that 2NE1 and Big Bang are my biases because of their unique and edgy styles that’s why when I saw SNSD’s latest video, my jaw literally dropped because of the clothes, accessories and the dance moves! I really appreciate the changes they have done – the fact that they have dabbled in an edgier look just like f(x).

And speaking of K-Pop, I wore one of my favorite pairs of jeans from Basic House, a global fashion brand from Korea. Visit them at The Shops, Greenhills and Robsinsons Metro East!



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