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Time flew by so fast. It’s the end of September already – which means I have a new blog entry about my photos on Instagram! This is actually the second post of my Insta blog series. You can read the first post here.

A lot of people have been asking me what camera I use and what my favorite photography and editing apps are. Honestly, 80% of the photos you see on my Instagram were taken with my iPhone5. As for the image editing apps, I’m currently only using Afterlight and VSCO. I used to edit my photos with a lot of apps, but no more. Once I got to playing around with Afterlight and VSCO, I was sold.

instaseptember (2)

Left to right: Trilogy Boutique snapback, Wardrobe Check jumper dress, Basic House checkered blouse; Daily Grind Clothing shirt, SM GTW skirt, bebe clutch; Lee top and jeans, Shop This Easy bag

That remaining 20% goes to my #OOTD’s, which were mostly taken with my Canon 60D. I badly want to upgrade it to a full-frame camera!

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Make It Makati, Mastercard and Movent invited me to go on a #MakatiStaycation at Holiday Inn. Staying in a hotel in the metro gave me the ease of mind of being relatively close to my home. I totally had fun bonding with my blogger friends! You can read about my experience here. It was definitely one of the highlights of the month.

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I had the pleasure of being “Instaxed” by my good friend, Paul. You can see the bigger version of the photo on his blog. I got a comment on Instagram asking me what app I used. No app was used, really. Paul used his Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 and took three consecutive photos of me. I love the outcome!

And speaking of Fujilfim, I recently attended the launch of their latest product – the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic. As the name implies, it’s designed with a classic look and it has awesome new features such as macro, double exposure and bulb mode. It has a flash too, of course, to go along with its 60mm F/12 lens. I’m perfectly content with my Instax Mini 8 which I’ve had for a couple of months (thanks to Fujifilm Philippines), but the extra features of the Instax Mini 90 are so tempting – they would certainly exercise my creative thinking skills!

instaseptember (5)

Thanks to the kind team of Pismo Digital Lifestyle, I got to try Woo Galbi in Shangri-la Plaza Mall. It’s now on my list of favorite Korean restaurants! And of course, I didn’t let September pass without eating at one of my all-time favorite restaurants – Pancake House.

instaseptember (6)

As I grow older, I appreciate minimalism more and more. I believe there are ways to introduce a little individual style into your daily attire: it’s all in the details. This outfit is one of my favorite outfits posted on my blog. Thanks to MOOTTA, an online fashion retailer carrying Korean designers’ labels, for sending me this boxy top and shorts with tulip hemline! View more detailed photos of this outfit here.

instaseptember (7)

I came across this beautiful quote a few days ago: “In the world through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself.” I agree with this on so many levels.

Work hard-save money-travel-enjoy. Repeat.

instaseptember (8)

I went to Hong Kong, one of my favorite travel destinations, with my mother, during the first week of September. The good thing about Hong Kong is that it’s just a two-hour flight from Manila — and they don’t require a visa. View my Hong Kong photo diary here.

instaseptember (9)

I didn’t take these photos myself, but they’re still part of the #selfie craze in my opinion. Haha! The photo on the left is how I look like with minimal makeup. I hate putting a lot of makeup when traveling. If I’m too lazy to put makeup on, I just wear sunglasses. #feelingcelebrity lol

instaseptember (10)

Left to right: DimDimSum Dim Sum Specialty Store; Kowloon Dairy Milk; Vanilla flavored eggette; Charlie Brown Café

Being a foodie and a traveler, I take pictures of food from the cheapest of food stalls to the finest restaurants, of other cuisines whenever I travel, to remember them. And because I take pride in my shots, I always make sure to do what I can to take good ones. I’m not a pro photographer, but I try my best to make them look visually appealing.

instaseptember (11)

Whenever I go to Hong Kong, I always make sure to drop by Granville Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. I love shopping at street markets and malls in Hong Kong, but nothing gets me than the local designers. I like Granville Road because there are a lot of unique and quirky items there, and because it’s a place where locals actually shop. Every store is lined up side by side so it’s easy to go from one shop to another.

instaseptember (12) hk

I was so happy I was able to catch the “Hello Kitty Back to 1960s” exhibit at Langham Place in Mongkok. I found the famous TST Clock Tower, the former Kowloon Train Station, Star Ferry Pier, and got to see Hong Kong’s pawnshop, photo shop, barber shop, herbal tea shop, dim sum restaurant and noodle stall in the olden days. Good thing I brought the Hello Kitty films that Insane Instax gave me! I think I said the word “cute” several times while roaming around the exhibit.

instaseptember (13)

Another highlight of the month was watching The Killers (and seeing Brandon Flowers) live. They’re too awesome for words! So glad they finally came to Manila after canceling their Asian Tour last 2010. My friends made the concert more enjoyable. Thanks to Kookie, Paul, Ana, Sarah, Pax, and especially Tracy and SM Accessories for the great company!

Cheers to a new month! October is my favorite because it’s my birthday month! xo @tiniglesias



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