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It’s no secret that I love traveling. In any city, one of the first places to visit in my checklist is always a contemporary museum. In fact, I’d rather visit museums than other heavily touristy areas when my time is limited. Even when I’m not familiar with an artist or a piece, without fail, there’s something to be gained from exposure to museums or galleries. The shapes, lines, colors and textures are all elements of art that inspire me, not only as a person but as someone who loves design.

Recently, I got to visit the Seoul branch of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) with my former blockmate whom I haven’t seen for a long time. She’s pure Korean but it’s actually her first visit to MMCA! There were several exhibitions but we were completely mesmerized by the installation “Port of Reflections” by the master of illusion Leandro Erlich. Shinji Ohmaki’s “Liminal Air” was such an insanely beautiful and calming piece as well. Glad I was finally able to experience and view it firsthand especially after having seen it on art sites and Pinterest.

I’d like to thank Han Na unni (Korean version of ate) for coming out to see me, for the awesome museum and board game cafe date in Hongdae, and for being my personal translator! Till my next visit!



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  1. says

    This very fascinating Tin! I have never been to Seoul but this should surely be one of my stops when I get to visit Korea. Added to Favorites! :)

    • Tin Iglesias says

      Hi Paola! Thanks for the kind words :) Seoul is one of my favorite cities ever!!! I hope you can visit soon and let me know how it goes!