Mint-To-Be Workshop: Fashion Illustration


The List Group and Rio Mints PH teamed up with me to conduct a workshop on fashion illustration. Participants of this workshop got to learn the basics of fashion illustration such as drawing a basic figure, a fashion face, and some rendering techniques.

rio mints (1)

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I have had a passion for the arts ever since I was little. I love sketching, drawing, painting, and doing other works of art especially fashion illustration. The thought that people enjoy seeing my work makes me happy and I’m extremely excited about opportunities where I get to share my knowledge and talents! :)

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Like with any art or skill, practice really does make perfect. People say that drawing is a talent you either have or you don’t, but my fine arts professor in UST and my fashion illustration professor in UP told me that everyone can be trained to sketch. I told them to be patient and not worry about how fast they will improve.

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Their first activity was to draw a 10 heads tall figure.

rio mints (7)

Next activity was to draw a fashion face

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As a challenge, participants were also asked to come up with an illustration interpreting the latest flavor of Rio Mints, Sweet Mango.

rio mints (14)

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I know what real Thai food tastes like (one of my favorite cuisines). There are only a few good authentic Thai restaurants in Quezon City and Thaipan restaurant is definitely one of the best, if not the best!

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The participants were so nice and eager to learn! Others weren’t able to join the group photo because they left a little early :( Nonetheless, I’m so thankful to those who came!

rio mints (19)

The workshop wouldn’t be possible with these people. Huge thanks to Rachel, Joni and Denise! ‘Til the next workshop!





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