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My almost black hair was kind of getting boring (think plain jane), so I decided to visit Wella Professionals Studio in Makati for a little makeover! I would highly recommend it to the public if I could, but the studio is used for seminars, trainings, and exclusive events and launches only. Fret not, you can take a little sneak peek through my photos!

Every time I get a hair color, I always forget to get the specific colors salons use for my hair. But not this time (yay)! My hairstylist Gen used Illumina Color as my base, Illumina color 7/81 + Welloxon Peroxide for the cool brown ash effect, then used Illumina Color 8/1 & 9/06 + Welloxon Peroxide for vanilla ash reflection. As for the highlights, she used Magma /39 + Welloxon Peroxide to create a wearable ombre effect.

My hairstylist likewise asked me about my top two hair and scalp concerns to which I answered slight hair loss and dryness. She then brought out this Wella System Professional (SP) wheel which tells you the right hair products to use. She used the SP Balance shampoo for my semi-weak and thinning hair, SP Hydrate Treatment Mask for my dry hair, and my favorite, the SP Balance Energize Serum to rejuvenate my scalp, strengthen my hair and reduce hair loss by up to 50%! So cool – literally and figuratively speaking!

So what’s the verdict? I absolutely like my new hair color. I told my hairstylist I wanted it to be dark but more stylish with a few highlights – and I got what I wanted! The intensive treatment I had afterwards left my hair noticeably thicker and healthier – the best I’ve had thus far. I’ll be blogging more about the SP products soon so stay tuned! If you want to get your hands on SP products, you may purchase them at Bench Fix, Studio Fix by Alex Carbonel, Tony and Jackey and Empire Salon.

You know what they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul, but sometimes, our hair speak just as loud. So when people give you a look-over, you might as well make it worth their time and give a pretty hair flip! It wouldn’t be called our crowning glory for no reason ;)

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