Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

leeum cover

After MMCA, my next favorite museum in Seoul is the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art. It’s composed of three individual buildings linked together as a composite complex. The first museum displays traditional Korean arts and crafts such as calligraphy, ceramic arts and metal craft work, while the second museum showcases dynamic modern and contemporary art by local and international artists.

I was able to catch Haegue Yang’s exhibition, “Shooting the Elephant 象 Thinking the Elephant,” during its final week. It was full of installations and sculptures composed of bright brass bells, light bulbs, blinds, and electric fans, all involved in a dance of movement, light, texture and sound. Believe it or not, I was too engrossed in the rich visuals that I forgot to take photos inside! It didn’t help that I was only allowed to use my phone’s camera. Oh well, at least memories of my visit remain in my mind.



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