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It’s no secret that I’m such a huge denim lover. Whenever I’m in an outfit slump and on a time crunch, denim shorts/jeans seem to be the easiest answer. So when Lee jeans, my go-to brand for my denim pieces, invited me to come celebrate their impressive 125th Year Anniversary, of course I had to be there! The brand has worked wonders for many – and its popularity shows no signs of waning.

To celebrate this huge milestone, Lee set up a two-storey mini museum dubbed the Lee Archives, a chronicle of the long journey Lee went through before it became the global brand we know of today, which made its rounds around the metro – from Glorietta to Robinsons Manila, to SM Mall of Asia. Touring the Lee Archives was absolutely eye-opening! Imagine, I learned about 125 years of denim heritage! There were limited edition “Buddy Lee” dolls wearing customized and shrunken to proportion 101+ denim replicas, 27 historic Lee items collected from different parts of the world and several other mementos, so I saw how the current jean innovations started and how much the brand has adapted with the changing times! I couldn’t help but think of how fascinating it was to see that something that was meant to be utilitarian has evolved into a fashion staple!

Apart from the Lee 125th Anniversary Archive Tour, the brand also staged a mini fashion show showcasing the Spring-Summer 2014 Collection styled by David Guison and yours truly! I had so much fun putting together the looks and helping the brand prepare for the show. Being backstage at a fashion show is like being trapped in the middle of a stampede in The Lion King – but instead of wildebeests, they’re obviously tall and stunning models clad in beautiful clothes. I have worked backstage a couple of times before so it is a bit second nature to me at this point. I love the energy and find it super motivating! It’s a happy kind of stress!

Oh and I also had the freedom to style my limited edition 125th Anniversary jeans with three of my readers! More about it on my next post! Stay tuned ;)

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