Fashion Killa








Topshop top and sneakers, Next Jeans button down shirt and pants, SM Accessories studded bangle, Young and Sweet black and gold beaded bracelets, Karl Alley snapback

I am currently addicted to A.S.A.P. Rocky’s new album, Long. Live. A$AP.  One of my favorite songs from the album is a song called ‘Fashion Killa’. According to Esquire, the song is basically about A.S.A.P. Rocky writing to a girl who’s obsessed with fashion brands and they spend their time thinking about going shopping for the newest Dior and passing the swag down to their children.

I like A.S.A.P. Rocky’s personal style and how he isn’t afraid to be different and his song definitely shows that he’s up on the fashion game. No, I’m not addicted to the brands mentioned in the song, but I just find it amusing that he knows all these high-end designer brands plus of course, the song is irresistibly catchy. I was feeling the swag hence this urban streetwear outfit post. Haha! You can listen to the song here :)



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