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wardrobe essentials

Fashions have their seasons, but there is one thing that never goes out of fashion, and that is style. The patterns and materials may change, but a classic item of clothing is classic for a reason and will always be “in fashion.”

What every woman should have in her closet

Clothes can cost a great deal of money, so rather than cluttering up your closet with clothes that are in fashion today, but passé tomorrow, invest some of that hard-earned money into some quality, classic pieces that will form the basis of your individual style.

The first essential piece of clothing for the wardrobe is that versatile number, the little black dress. Just why is this dress so good? Because it works like a blank canvas. It can go from a smart day dress worn with a crisp white shirt, to an elegant evening dress with the addition of simple accessories such as high impact jewelry and high heels. It is an exercise in minimalism, requiring no bells and whistles, making a statement without saying, “look at me.”

Talking of white shirts, this should be another staple of your wardrobe. It has elegance and simplicity, and can be buttoned up and formal, or unbuttoned and casual. It goes with jeans as well as work wear such as a pencil skirt or pants. Always go for quality with this most versatile of tops, choosing thick cotton cut into a classic shape, either baggy for hanging loose or tucking in, or tapered around the waist for a more fitted, feminine look.

Moving onto jeans, the most practical of all trousers. There is one rule about jeans in fashion terms, and this is not to give in to the latest trend and choose skinny jeans if you have a pear shape, or bootlegs if your legs are slim. Always choose your jeans according to your body shape. Only then will you have a silhouette that is both timeless and sexy.

Smarten up your upper body with a fitted jacket. This can be worn with jeans to make them a little more formal, with work wear so that you can walk into a meeting without feeling over or under dressed, or long flowing skirts for a boho look.

Of course, essentials cover what is put on under these clothes, and it is a truism that underwear can help to define mood and make you feel a certain way. The great thing is, it does not even matter if no one else is going to see it. You know you are wearing it and it can make you feel great, causing you to look great as well.

All of the above essential items can be teamed with a myriad of other clothes to create your own individual style. If you have these essentials in your wardrobe, you need never worry about being out of fashion again.

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