Dressing Up Like RiRi


Obsessed is a little bit of an understatement when it comes to how I feel about Rihanna. Her latest album, Unapologetic, is absolutely incredible! My favorites include Phresh Out The Runway, Loveeeeeee Song, Right Now, Nobody’s Business, Lost In Paradise, Half Of Me and Stay. I have been listening to her nonstop for a couple of months and I am still trying to find a way to attend her September 2013 concert in Manila even though I watched her concert with Chris Brown in 2008. Hey, so much has changed since then and she has released amazing songs in the last four years — which I can’t wait to see her perform live!

Rihanna is not only making waves in the music industry for her awesome tunes that have been topping the charts, but she is also quickly gaining a cult following for her unique and stylish fashion sense. There is no exact term to describe her style, for it spans across a wide variety of styles, such as retro, boyish, elegant, and so on. But regardless of what style she wears, she is able to effortlessly pull each one of them in a sophisticated manner!

I like her style so much, so I came up with three Rihanna-inspired outfits using items from MANGO. :)

Just like Rihanna, I have a penchant for black and white. The contrast between these two colors works perfectly together and makes a bold statement in an outfit.


A loose white shirt gives a sultry body-con look a fresh, casual spin. I wanted a crisp appearance so I paired the top with a pair of black and white striped pants which are not only chic, but also functional. I love them because they create an optical illusion that makes me look taller!



Accessories are very important in completing the look of an outfit and Rihanna knows that, for sure. Backwards cap, large rhinestone jewels and anything studded have been Rihanna’s staples!

mango2 (1)

Denim is hotter than ever before and nothing is cooler than the slouchy denim jumpsuit I’ve seen Rihanna rocking in the past. I’m so glad that MANGO currently carries the denim one-piece, among other denim items. Huge denim lover, right here!

mango2 (3)

mango2 (2)

The jumpsuit gives off a tomboyish vibe so I made sure to add feminine yet edgy touches in the form of a gold studded belt, black bangle with a gold accent and chain link bag. I think the key to pulling off this style is to have a dash of urban sass!

mango3 (1)

Rihanna is known for her impeccable ability to mix classic and trendy pieces so I combined three of her go-to pieces — an off-white blazer, a camo print top and a pair of studded shorts! The soft cotton material makes this blazer from Mango breathable and relaxed, so you can easily wear this as a light evening jacket as well without looking too dressy or formal. I especially love it paired with this camo print tank top. Camo prints are all the rage this season but that doesn’t mean you have to go around looking like a military commander. Haha! MANGO has a lot of stylish camo pieces that are perfect for casual wear!

mango3 (2)

mango3 (3)

Aside from gold accessories, Rihanna likes silver accessories too. What better way to unleash my inner bad gal RiRi than to wear fierce accessories like these belt, bangle and leather bag!

Rihanna is a fashion icon indeed and she’s one of the best examples to follow when it comes to versatility and style. Be confident like her and style will come naturally! :)

Clothes and accessories from MANGO, except the hats.

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