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Here comes my favorite part of the recently concluded 125th Anniversary celebration of Lee Jeans! Aside from the archive tour and fashion show which I talked about in my previous entry, I got to customize my own pair of Lee 125th Anniversary jeans! I personally chose everything in it down to the buttons, rivets and the leather patch monogrammed with my name! Oh yes, my very own label! How cool is that? There’s also an area that specializes in surface finish where you can subject your denim to tough loving. You could have it ripped, distressed, and/or whiskered, but since I own several pairs of distressed jeans (all from Lee as well!), I wanted a rather simple pair so I decided to leave it as is. I always find myself itching to get crafty and make something, so I might just do something with it in the near future! Best part of this DIY session? I got to do it with some of my readers! Thanks Aira, Nelou and Kim, hope you had a good time exploring your denim creativity! And, congratulations once again to Lee jeans for pulling off such a successful event! The brand has truly raised the bar for the denim standard! *More photos to come

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