Chatuchak Market

chatuchak market cover

Chatuchak Weekend Market is a shopping haven — or craziness — that resembles our very own Tiendesitas, Greenhills, Divisoria, Mercato and Banchetto, but 10 times larger or even more. IT IS THAT HUGE! No trip to Bangkok would be complete without checking the diverse collections of merchandise that will surely make any shopper drop their jaw in awe. Chatuchak, or JJ, is where you can literally shop ’til you drop! IMG_0654

We got there past 12nn already. The sun was directly overhead and it was extremely hot. Nonetheless, we braved the heat all for the love of food and shopping! If you’re planning to visit Chatuchak, try to get in early because the place is getting crowded by mid-day.






Chatuchak is not only popular among tourists, plenty of locals flock to the market to shop and eat too. Thai locals have a lot of street food to offer, from traditional Thai dishes to Western ones, to food coming from China, Vietnam, India and so on. Some people say that they’re not that safe to eat, but they seem clean to me. If you have a reasonably strong stomach like I do, you should try some of their street food. They taste so good!




If you see something you like, buy it. Trust me. Don’t wait until you find a better price considering how large the market is.  After all, Chatuchak has some of the cheapest prices in the city!


While strolling around, we bumped into this cool guy! He appears to be right out of the Pirates of the Caribbean, Hawaiian Luau version.



You can find woven tribal bracelets, rattan bangles and aztec-print accessories in almost every corner.


A bar inside a market. No kidding. You can definitely find anything and everything under the sun in this shopping mecca. There are actually several bars and are usually populated by mostly Westerners. Beer, wine and mixed drinks are inexpensive!



These punk rock clothing and accessories caught my attention! I can never understand why people insist on referring to the 80s as “the era that fashion forgot”. I love the 80s because of the cool and edgy styles!



Chatuchak is a wonderful place to meet interesting people. There’s so much character in this place!



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