Bazooka Rocks II


I’ve always loved festivals and live music, so when Lee invited me to Bazooka Rocks II, I instantly said yes! I have to be honest and say that I had never heard of majority of the international bands, but being the adventurous-music-enthusiast-thirsty-for-discovering-new-bands that I am, I was curious and pretty excited for the Philippines’ first indoor rock festival. Some of my friends told me that the first Bazooka Rocks was a huge success, so I kind of knew that its second installment will be amazing – AND IT REALLY WAS!

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Prior to the festival, I had the opportunity to meet Anberlin and RadioDriveBy at the Lee Concept Store in Glorietta 2. Back in high school, one of my closest friends told me to listen to “A Day Late” and other songs by Anberlin, other being the operative word. Clearly, I forgot the titles; but I remember liking their songs because I was able to relate to some of them. It was a plus that the songs I listened to weren’t that “noisy”, or full of very distorted guitar sounds and anything from sub-psychotic yelling to crooning melodic singing – so much that I couldn’t understand a word. Sorry, but I can’t bear sitting through an album of sorts. I won’t say it’s not music, because that would be unfair to the artists. But I digress. Okay, okay back to the subject at hand. Anberlin. Yes. Anberlin. The moment they walked in the door, my inner high school self rejoiced. They were so friendly and they looked effortlessly cool in their casual, ragged clothes and tattoos!

While the people were fan-girling over Anberlin, the marketing team of Lee told me to fetch RadioDriveBy with them. Really, guys? I’ve worked (as a designer/stylist) with the Lee team for three Philippine Fashion Week shows already so we’re pretty close to each other. Well, frankly, I told them the previous day that I had just listened to RadioDriveBy’s catchy single “One You Want”, and I thought the members were cute. Ahhh, that’s probably why they tagged me along. I even did a little research and found out that we’re around the same age (I’m the same age as Adam – the most stylish guy in the group in my opinion). When we arrived at Tony Roma (if you’re a die hard fan and you want to know what they had for lunch, click here) the boys greeted us with a smile and a warm hello. I wanted to ask: “Are you guys made of copper and tellurium? Because you guys are CuTe” but I realized it’s corny so I just kept it to myself and secretly died of cuteness. Hahaha! I could hear their fans screaming as they were approaching the Lee Concept Store. It was such an “awww” moment seeing the giddy girls taking #selfies and doing high fives with the boys. Each member was so game, great job!

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On the day of Bazooka Rocks II, I arrived just in time for RadioDriveBy’s set. Good looks, check. Good performance, check. They didn’t disappoint me! I know that they’re going to make it big in the near future. Take my word for it! The second international band to take the stage was Uchusentai, followed by Tonight Alive and We Came As Romans. The concert goers were rocking and rolling to their music! Literally. It was my first time to see a live mosh pit! It was craaaaazy! I would never participate in one but it looked so much fun! I was looking forward to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ set and I was wishing that they would play “Your Guardian Angel”. Believe it or not, it’s actually one of the few songs that I can play with my guitar. My wish was granted and I’m so glad that they played it as their last song! The last band that my friends and I watched was Anberlin. They sounded good live! Stephen’s voice sounded like the actual CD and that’s rare for artists! Unfortunately, we had to leave after their set because I wasn’t feeling well and my friends had other things to do. It’s such a shame that I missed All Time Low’s set and A Rocket To The Moon’s last performance before officially disbanding. Nonetheless, we absolutely enjoyed Bazooka Rocks II! Having a bird’s eye view of the stage and the pumped-up crowd from the Lee VIP lounge was awesome. Thank you, Lee, for the rock concert experience!

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