Balay Dako

balay dako cover

New restaurants keep cropping up in Tagaytay and one of those that opened this year was Balay Dako, Antonio’s Group’s latest Filipino restaurant. We had to check out what all of the hype was about and my family and I weren’t disappointed! It’s not an exaggeration to say that everything we tried was delicious, especially the sizzling bulalo. There are already several reviews of their food in the local blogosphere so I won’t go into detail, after all I’m not a food blogger (I just love food and I blog, *wink*). Moving forward, let’s talk about what’s often overlooked (from a customer’s point-of-view) in restaurants – interior design.

Balay Dako is a three-storey structure inspired by old colonial mansions. There’s a function room, a comedor (Spanish for dining room) and a rooftop that offers both indoor and outdoor dining. I loved the marriage of traditional and modern furniture and finishes such as concrete, glass, wood and marble. The table arrangement exuded understated elegance and I also liked how the chairs and tables were creatively varied. I think I found my new favorite nook in Tagaytay!



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